Kinky Mental Stimulation

I was recently at a night club on a date with a hot girl. It’s always a good idea to get comfortable with the environment before settling into the good vibes. My usual start is with a couple of cosmos while checking out the dance floor. This particular night had an interesting energy from the start. As soon as we sat down an older guy with an oddly slow walk for a nightclub passed by desperately trying to make eye contact. Multiple laps around us had me feeling slightly uncomfortable. I finally experienced what women routinely feel like at a club.

I was at the bar purchasing our third cosmo when the corner of my eye caught him making a b-line for me. “Are you Mike?” he said. “Nope” I said. He wasn’t my type even if I was curious about my own sex. Clearly he was looking for someone he hadn’t met, which put me at ease. My curiosity had my thoughts out pacing myself. Tinder date? Odd for first date at packed club.

After I don’t know how many vodka club sodas, the old man was dancing behind a 40ish-year-old girl on a 20-year-old owned floor. Even more exciting is what appeared to be her husband dancing to her side. Did he find Mike?! Indeed he found Mike. The style of dancing had this threesome sticking out like the only glow sticks on the floor. She wasn’t into it at all. Her husband seemed f*cking thrilled that an older guy was moving up on his girl from behind. It takes a bit of experience to know it was not a typical potential threesome. This was a cockhold experience with the night club being used as the comfort test.

We felt bad for her. This was something her guy wanted and she wanted to show him how much she loved him. Her energy eventually had the old man moving on to sulk by himself at the bar. The husband tried to rally her. His persistence had him searching for the old guy and eventually pulling him back to the floor behind his wife. The cockold was even more apparent when the husband left them alone to watch from a distance. The mental stimulation of watching his wife with another guy was a club drug to him.

This fascinates me. Many people wonder how a man can be aroused by watching his wife with another man. The kink of cuckolding is in the mind. I have not participated in this, but I understand it at fundamental level. Wrong can be found in kink. Power can be found in kink. Seeing your significant other as an object that is ravished by another for small period of time can be kinky to a strong mind. Many men fantasize about their significant other being a porn star. This is in the same world of thought. I would argue there can be more love in this kink because because it exercises the mind and can continue to prove the strength of a relationship. Cockolding is too complex to process if you haven’t experienced the chemical rush in your mind from even voyeurism. Don’t judge. Love.

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